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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

"Ebb & Flow"

In the latest show we consider:

A Hundred Seas Rising Exhibition @ The Aspex Gallery, Gun Wharf, Portsmouth

A Hundred Seas Rising

The background/aim of the exhibition its links to Dickens 200th and world revolutions.

Suki Chan her Career highlights and the themes within her work.

The aesthetic experience of the exhibition:

- visually
- spatially
- sonically
- sequence/time/flow
- emotionally

“...creating surges of ideological thought that reverberate across the gallery space”

Symbolism, meaning and content:

- Links to Dickens life?

- A Tale Of Two Cities Influence.

- 100 Flowers Movement influence

Pro revolution? Anti revolution? Neutral?

Does the installation work?
- Provoke thought?
- Invite multiple visits?

Jon Hopkins & King Creosote "Diamond Mine" Album (Limited Edition Jubilee extended version)

The collaboration and its themes
The re-issue
The Nautical/sea theme
Short albums
Preview The Album 

The Death Of Donna Summer = The Death of Disco?


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