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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Origins & Location

The May Show: Origins and Location

Towards The Point? Is a new monthly arts & culture review programme for 93.7 Express FM, written & presented by James Sandy and Simon Mobbs.The show aims to dig out weird and wonderful cultural offerings from in and around Portsmouth. It sets out to provide listeners with a flickering compass for the stormy tides of "the arts". We take in a range of topics from art, film, literature, music, TV & radio and also give you a round-up of local events and activities.

In the May (2012) show:

Music: The First Rock & Roll Record Compilation on Famous Flames Recordings 
Guest Contribution: Dr Dave Allen discusses the roots and the development of Rock n Roll
Art: Quarantania exhibition at John Hansard Gallery, Southampton
Media World: The influence of location on creativity.

The First Rock & Roll Record
"Attitude, rhythm and a spoonful of the devil." Review of the CD collection. Standout tracks. Confusing tracks. Can you really pinpoint the first record in any genre? Discussion of the musical roots and origins of the term Rock n Roll.

What is Rock n Roll?
Dr Dave Allen - Principal Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth, Express FM presenter and music enthusiast discusses his lifelong love of Rock n Roll, the ongoing search for early and obscure influential records and the underlying difference between "Rock n Roll" and "Rock".

Quarantania @ John Hansard Gallery

A pimped up 4X4 vehicle covered in animal fur, a man upside down in a cage and an anaesthetised donkey.Three international artists with varied approaches - what ties the work together? What do these extraordinary conceptual artists want to say about society with their work?

 Taus Makhacheva: The Fast & The FuriousA female outsider successfully penetrating a macho subculture?
Eva Kotatkova: Sit Straight 
Highlighting the ironies and impracticalities evident within education systems? 

Neha Choksi: Leaf Fall
Is there a sad beauty to mankind methodically destroying nature?

John Hansard Gallery
University Of Southampton
24 April - 9 June 
Admission Free

The Influence of Location on Creativity 

Examining the BBC Salford shift and the new purpose built Media City island. Can Portsmouth & Southsea claim to be a "Little Brighton"? Can creative hubs be purpose built?

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